White Blossom Community

Mason Ohio

The White Blossom Community is located northeast of the intersection of Socialville-Foster and Mason-Montgomery Roads in Mason OH 45040. The 198-home White Blossom Community was built by Zaring 1996-2000 and features streets lined with pear trees that bloom bright white in the spring starting in late March to early April. The Community also features statues sprinkled throughout and an amenities center with swimming pool, basketball court and children's playground.

The White Blossom Community includes the following streets: White Blossom Boulevard, Hyacinth Drive, Flowering Grove Dr, Fringe Tree Glen, Lilac Vista, Spring Valley Circle, Cedar Village Dr, Wesley Court, Kousa Ct, Yellowwood Dr, Bradford Chase, Albright Ct and Magnolia Ct. White Blossom is located at N 39o 19.2', W 84o 18.4', and an altitude of near 890 ft. The area of the community is approximately 110 acres (0.17 sq miles), and the population density is ca. 4400 per sq mile calculated from an estimated population of 750, or 3.8 persons per household.

The official website for the community is at whiteblossom.org.

The new Management Agency (effective 2019 or thereabouts) for the Homeowners Association is:

Innovative Management, Inc.
Email: whiteblossomhoa@myinnovative.com

If you are considering making any exterior change to your home, please call the property management agency for an Improvement Application. You must receive prior Board approval before making any changes on the outside of your home. While every attempt will be made to expedite the review and approval process, you should allow up to 30 days.

Exterior projects include (but are not limited to): roof replacement, exterior painting, driveway replacement, fence installation, and window or door replacements. You must also adhere to all local building codes, permit and application requirements. Before digging holes to plant trees, be sure to call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at 800 362-2764 to ensure that you don't blow us all up.

Here are some of the vendors that have been used in the past by Zaring, the Homeowners Association, or community members:

I cannot vouch for the quality of any of these vendors. If you have a horrible experience with one of them, or think I should mention others, please let me know. One of our BRK Electronics smoke alarms exploded after 5 years of use, and BRK replaced all five of our alarms for free.

Garbage and recyclables pickup in White Blossom is every Thursday morning, including Thanksgiving. Visit the Rumpke website for Christmas and New Years scheduling. Recyclables, such as plastic, aluminum, paper and glass, should be put in a red container. See the list below for what can and can't be recycled. Effective May 2006, lawn waste, such as grass clippings and leaves, either mingled or separated from household waste, and appropriately bagged or bundled, will be collected with the regular garbage pickup. Residents are encouraged to compost in order to keep waste collection rates low. Branches and brush, but no large trunks, may be left by the side of the road in an orderly fashion and will be chipped by the city of Mason (for free) on Tuesday of the first full week of the month. Leaf collection is also on Tuesdays from mid-October to mid-December. Christmas trees are picked up starting a few days after Christmas. If you notice hydraulic fluid leaking from garbage trucks, please call Rumpke at 742-2900.


Material Accepted Not Accepted
Plastic Bottles of No. 1 or 2 plastic, such as soda, milk, detergent, shampoo, small-mouthed bottles. Rinse and flatten the containers. Labels do not need to be removed. Caps, Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 plastic, bowls, buckets, tubs or No. 1 food trays and containers, oil and antifreeze jugs, film or plastic bags.
Glass Clear, brown, green and blue glass bottles and jars in which food products are packaged. Rinse and flatten the containers. Labels do not need to be removed. Lids, window glass, drinking glass, light bulbs, broken glass.
Paper White ledger paper, folders, mail, correspondence, envelopes, computer paper, brown paper, news quality paper. Pizza boxes, milk cartons.
Cans Aluminum beverage cans, steel/tin food cands, empty aerosol cans. Rinse and flatten the containers. Labels do not need to be removed. Paint cans, coat hangers, steel scrap.



White Blossom Swimming Pool


The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend to approximately October 1st (based on weather and operating expenses.). During swim season, the pool area opens at 9:00 a.m and closes at 9:00 p.m. Adults (over 18 years of age) may swim until 10:00 p.m. The playground area closes at 10:00 p.m. The pool is for the enjoyment of all homeowners and their guests. Therefore, certain rules are in place for the safety and enjoyment of everybody. Please be aware (and make your guests aware) of some of the pool rules:

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to see that these rules are enforced in order to maintain a safe pool area for the use and recreation of all homeowners. The Board of Trustees has the obligation and the right to suspend the pool privileges of homeowners who abuse their privileges or create a safety hazard for others.

White Blossom pear tree bloom dates: April 7, 2000-2006; March 27, 2007; April 7, 2008; March 27, 2009; April 3, 2010; April 4, 2011; March 17, 2012; April 11, 2013; April 12, 2014; April 9, 2015; March 23, 2016, March 11, 2017, April 11, 2018, April 8, 2019, March 26, 2020, March 31, 2021, March 24, 2022, March 20, 2023, March 14, 2024.


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