Enter Javascript here. Take your data from a string variable called input, and put your text results into a string variable called output.

JavaScript Program



This page contains a Javascript text editor and interpreter that provides a fully-functional run-time composition and execution environment. The magic was produced from uncounted minutes of effort and essentially one line of code (i.e., use of the eval function).

Feel free to practice your Javascript by writing code in the upper text box. By pressing the Go! button, your routine is executed and any text that you have assigned to a string variable called output is inserted into the lower text box. You can use the Data field to feed text into a string variable called input. Information on processing time and cost is attached to the output. Please keep track of all run-time costs. When the total gets to be $10,000, drop me an email and we can discuss payment options.

You can use the Save button to store up to 4000 bytes of code to a cookie. The code will be stored for a year or until you hit the Save button again. Using the Load button will restore the code from the previously saved cookie. I've tested this successfully in versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Using some artful negotiation skills, I was able to convince Google to supply free storage space for any code generated on this site. Please do not abuse this service, as I've worked hard to ingratiate myself with Google to provide you with this special offering.

Some error checking is in place, but I haven't figured out yet how to break out of infinite loops.

This page is functional on an iPhone or iPod Touch, but the versions of Javascript on these devices do not seem to support scroll bars in text boxes, so you'll have to keep your code and output short. Also be careful with the helpful typing correction features of these devices; autocapitalization and automatic conversion of two spaces to a period may interfere with the execution of your code.

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